Auclair Lab

Auclair Group Alumni

Post-Doctoral Fellows, Research Associates, and Visiting Professors/Scientists

Sanjay Campbell Post-Doctoral Fellow Summer 2023
Mario Pérez-Venegas Post-Doctoral Fellow Fall 2022
Salma El Euch Post-Doctoral Fellow Winter 2022
Rohit Kholiya Post-Doctoral Fellow Summer 2021
Sandra Kaabel Post-Doctoral Fellow Winter 2021
Fabien Hammerer Post-Doctoral Fellow Winter 2019
Shaghayegh Ostadjoo Post-Doctoral Fellow Summer 2018
Stephanie Ground Visiting Professor Summer 2018
Penghui Yang Visiting Professor Winter 2018
Julien Gravel Post-Doctoral Fellow Winter 2018
Nathaniel Martin Visiting Professor Summer 2017
Elaref Ratemi Visiting Professor Summer 2016
Emelia Awuah Post-Doctoral Fellow Summer 2013
Kayode Akinnusi Post-Doctoral Fellow Winter 2011
Dieudonne Ngamga Visiting Scientist Fall 2008
Amandine Chefson Research Assistant Winter 2007
Samia Ait-Mohand-Brunet Research Associate Fall 2005

Graduate Students

Shay Heans M.Sc. in Chemistry Fall 2023
Victoria Virgilio M.Sc. in Chemistry Summer 2022
Sian Thistlethwaite Internship Fall 2021
Dustin Duncan Ph.D. in Chemistry Summer 2021
Julie Ducharme Ph.D. in Chemistry Spring 2021
Annica Chu M.Sc. in Chemistry Winter 2021
Vanja Polic Ph.D. in Chemistry Summer 2018
Jinming Guan Ph.D. in Chemistry Summer 2018
Justin Chang M.Sc. in Chemistry Fall 2018
Paolo Schiavini Ph.D. in Chemistry Winter 2017
Elisa Tran M.Sc. in Chemistry Summer 2015
Siqi Zhu M.Sc. in Chemistry Fall 2013
Matthew Hachey M.Sc. in Chemistry Fall 2013
Kenward Vong Ph.D. in Chemistry Summer 2013
Annabelle Hoegl M.Sc. in Chemistry Summer 2013
Eric Habib M.Sc. in Chemistry Summer 2013
Hamed Darabi M.Sc. in Chemistry Summer 2013
Isabella Straub Internship Fall 2012
Amelie Menard Ph.D. in Chemistry Fall 2012
Aaron Larsen Ph.D. in Chemistry Winter 2012
Lee Freiburger Ph.D. in Chemistry Fall 2011
Rym Lamrani Internship Summer 2010
Xuxu Yan Ph.D. in Chemistry Winter 2010
Jin Zhao M.Sc. in Chemistry Fall 2007
Amandine Chefson M.Sc. in Chemistry Fall 2006
Feng Gao Ph.D. in Chemistry Fall 2006
Cynthia Cote M.Sc. in Chemistry Spring 2006
Marie-Eve Bradette-Hebert Internship Winter 2005
Christine Caputo M.Sc. in Chemistry Fall 2004
Cedric Gaudineau M.Sc. in Chemistry Fall 2004

Undergraduate Students

Margaret Chi Summer 2023
Catarina Campanella Winter 2022
Samuel Nyandwi Winter 2022
Alexia Piercey Summer 2021
Annie Jiang Summer 2021
Ilya Dementyev Fall 2020
Evelyne Côté Summer 2020
Catherine Deschênes Winter 2020
Catherine Deng Summer 2019
Maymuna Abdisalam Winter 2019
Daniel Thio Winter 2019
Sabina Kabayeva Winter 2019
Eric Lee Summer 2018
Tanakorn (Bell) Kittikool Fall 2017
Emmanuelle Leblanc Summer 2017
Alexander Levesque Fall 2016
Jeanne Cresson Summer 2016
Emmanuelle Leblanc Summer 2016
Angel Castaneda Ruiz Fall 2015
Yanning Liu Winter 2015
Angel Castaneda Ruiz Fall 2015
Lekha Puri Summer 2014
Lekha Puri Summer 2013
Nadia Milad Summer 2013
Eric Ma Summer 2013
Elizabeth Li Winter 2013
Victoria Corless Fall 2012
Alexa Clark Summer 2012
Yue Huang Fall 2011
Tiffany Lai Summer 2011
Carolyn Tallon Summer 2011
Xianru Shen Winter 2011
Ronan Hanley Winter 2011
Ingrid Tam Summer 2010
Christopher Kicak-Deroy Summer 2010
Erin May Winter 2009
Andrea Hill Summer 2009
Alicia Cheong Fall 2008
Cheen Euong Ang Summer 2008
Philip Campbell Summer 2008
Jessica Douglas Summer 2008
Omar Zahr Summer 2008
Hannah Kashyap Summer 2007
Julian Ferras Summer 2006
Elaine Tan Summer 2006
Parseh Bakirtzian Winter 2006
Sirilata Yotphan Winter 2005
Elisa Fuller Summer 2005
Christine Kor Winter 2004
Joshua Budman Winter 2004
Denise Cook Summer 2004
Dominique Bernard Summer 2004
Rachel Beckerman Winter 2004
Dominique Bernard Summer 2003
Jon Cohen Winter 2003
Sandra Jacques Winter 2002
Stephen Jackson Summer 2002
Jean-Alexis Spitz Summer 2002
Sarah Welbourn Summer 2002
David Kolin Summer 2002
Charles Meunier Winter 2002
Martin Vachon Winter 2002

McGill is located on unceded lands which have traditionally served as a site of meeting and exchange amongst diverse indigenous peoples. The Kanien’kehà:ka/People of the Flint (Mohawk) who are a founding nation of the Haudenosaunee/People of the Longhouse (Iroquois) Confederacy are recognized as the traditional stewards of the lands and waters.

McGill Land Acknowledgement

We are all treaty people.